40W Nail Dust Collector Manicures Cleaner Nail Vacuum Cleaner Nail Polish Dust Extractor Nail Art Instrument with Reusable Filter for Nail Beauty at Home Salon Nail Shop Manicure Counter Nail Bar



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Features: The professional nail dust collector is used to absorb the polishing dust on the nail surface to avoid the dust scattered in the air and being sucked into the body. 40W powerful vacuum suction for high-efficiency collecting the nail dust, no more worrying about nail dust flying into air. The pull-out fine filter screen can be reused and easy to clean, no dust bag required. One button on/off, simple switch, the simpler the better. The bottom cooling port is designed to evenly distribute / evenly dissipate heat, which is not easy to get hot and prolong the service life ABS housing with stainless steel grid, good material, rust-proof, strong and durable.

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