Einhell Power X-Change TC-VC 18/20 Li S-Solo 2347130 Wet/dry vacuum cleaner 20 l Battery not included, #####ohne Ladegeraet



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The einhell Wet dry vacuum cleaner TC-VC 18/20 Li-Solo is an indispensable tool both for an ambitious do-it-yourself when cleaning tasks in the workshop or hobby room. It makes on terraces and balconies, in the house and in the car thorough service. In the household, carpets or fixed textiles, tiles or all types of offenporigen tiles helps a sole surface treatment is often not. The Wet dry vacuum cleaner cleans thoroughly and is a suitable complement to common household cleaning devices in case of strong and deep stains. The Battery Wet dry vacuum cleaner is a powerful member of the Power X-change family. As a member of the Power X-Change family can all batteries and chargers are of high-quality lithium-ion system series for each device with the power-X change technology can be used. Supplied without battery and without charger These are available separately. The Stainless steel container of the Wet dry vacuum cleaner offers 20 liter capacity for dirt and liquid and is free of rust and stable for a long life span, manufactured. A practical blowing connection is at the Wet dry vacuum cleaner integrated to points that are difficult to access, for example, edges, gaps in the bathroom or kitchen, clean blow out. Textile and smooth floors have specific requirements during cleaning and require the best suction power: therefore is included in the scope of a large suction nozzle with combined use for carpets and smooth floors. For thorough cleaning of joints in the bathroom, the kitchen, the basement or terrace, as well as the entire living room area and strongly stressed areas such as in the entrance area is a special crevice tool included in the delivery. For thorough cleaning of the fleet or the home furniture is a special Pad nozzle for car seats or living landscapes. The 36 millimeter hose system guarantees a high air throughput and dirt. A plastic suction hose, as well as a three-piece extension tube is also included in the delivery included. Also included is a dust collector bag. A practical accessories holder provides for order and the possibility of fast change the included accessories and adapters. Easy and comfortable conducting the einhell Wet dry vacuum cleaner through four castors and the housing mounted carrying handle, through which the device can be carried easily.This text is machine translated.

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