Einhell TE-VC 2340 SAC 2342450 Wet/dry vacuum cleaner 40 l



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The einhell Wet dry vacuum cleaner TE-VC 2340 SAC is a versatile all-rounder, the pore-deep purity is guaranteed. The ECO vacuum cleaner is equipped with a filter-cleaning system, so that not only coarse dirt particles are absorbed and held back, but also ultra-fine micro-particles: for example, plaster and drilling dust as well as fine wood or stone dust on the construction site or in the workshop, fine dust from cushions and carpets in the car. Sigh of relief can also allergy: The Wet dry vacuum cleaner filters out the finest house dust and pollen particles. For each use of the ECO-vacuum cleaner protects by the innovative filter cleaning system for fine dust the room climate. The Completed System provides a filter cleaning, without coming into contact directly with the dirt particles. A lot of dirt, rust-free and robust stainless steel container with its 40 liter capacity. The blowing connection is used to blow out areas that are difficult to access. Handy and comfortable. The use of all the suction device, the large wheels and castors for easy transport. The practical accessories holder ensures that both during and after the use of all neatly tucked away. The 500 centimeters long cable provides a large use radius, the cable holder is on the housing. The automatic device socket makes the application possibilities (max capacity 2,200 Watt) is much greater. After the water drain plug on the disposal of the liquids wet inserts. High quality, the telescopic pipe made of stainless steel with 36 millimeters in diameter, the plastic suction hose (Ø 36 mm) with three-meter extra long – also for inserts – designed over the head. On the handle, a false air control integrated. The scope of delivery includes the large combined nozzle for carpets and smooth floors a drill adapter as a suction help with drill holes in concrete or brick and HEPA filter, foam filter and paper dust collector bag.This text is machine translated.

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