Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Mini, Electric Dust Collector Blower Vacuum Pump



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【Vacuum Cleaner and Hair Dryer】Multifunctional mini vacuum cleaner can be used for home/office/car/bathroom/carpet cleaning; can be used as a blower to inflate lifebuoys and balloons; can be used for vacuum extraction, such as vacuum storage of clothing, mattresses, blankets and pillows . 【4 kinds of accessories are available】The suction nozzle is suitable for doors, seats, cabinet corners, drawers and ashtrays; the brush has dual functions of suction and wiping, and is suitable for dust cleaning on the surface of cushions, pads, keyboards and air-conditioning outlets; The air outlet is suitable for inflating small equipment such as lifebuoys and life jackets; the suction port is suitable for absorbing household storage bags. The multifunctional mini vacuum cleaner can be used as a hair dryer to inflate small devices such as lifebuoys, balloons, etc. for vacuuming The Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Mini can be used for vacuuming, e.g. for vacuum storage of clothing, mattresses,

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