Swirl E60 MicroPor Vacuum cleaner bag 5 pc(s)



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The dirt lock dust cap for comfortable, clean disposalWhat’s the highest quality with a vacuum cleaner and dust filter bags, if the dust cap as a weak point proves? Especially when changing the dust filter bag, fine dust in the environment and can, therefore, the health of the people. The dirt lock dust cap, what he promises, because after the removal of the dust filter bag provides its well-conceived locking mechanism ensures that the dust when disposing of the full dust filter bag there stays where it belongs. Simply comfortably and safely clean.A clean thingIn addition to the new MicroPor Plus ┬« Bags offers swirl continue to dust filter bags in proven mehrlagiger fleece quality with MicroPor┬« Filtration. These bags offer you through the integrated volume storage layer a higher dust recording as a conventional paper bag.This text is machine translated.

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