Swirl S73 Airspace Vacuum cleaner bag 4 pc(s)



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Micropor Plus ® Anti-allergen filterA maximum of more noticeable cleanliness is ensured by the swirl MicroPor® Plus filtration. This procedure not only keeps normal house dust, but also of all genes fine dust in the form of pollen, mold spores, bacteria in the bag back and Milbenkot. The TUeV NORD, an independent test laboratory, tested and confirmed these properties by a certificate. For allergy sufferers and asthmatics, this means that eases sigh of relief and relaxed deep breath.Co. Pace® technology for highest suction powerThe swirl airs pace® technology with an extra filter chamber provides the highest suction power. Dirt and dust can be sucked 730 pre-filters, and the particles are distributed evenly throughout the bag. Result: The full suction power remains until the bag actually is full, and the bag does not fall from – as is the case with conventional vacuum cleaner bags.The dirt lock dust cap for comfortable, clean disposalWhat’s the highest quality with a vacuum cleaner and dust filter bags, if the dust cap as a weak point proves? Especially when changing the dust filter bag, fine dust in the environment and can, therefore, the health of the people. The dirt lock dust cap, what he promises, because after the removal of the dust filter bag provides its well-conceived locking mechanism ensures that the dust when disposing of the full dust filter bag there stays where it belongs. Simply comfortably and safely clean.This text is machine translated.

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